Bahrain Research Consortium (BRC) -

What We Do

  • We provide and/or advance the fundamental knowledge of issues central to SMEs growth, efficiency and sustainability
  • We identify and integrate state-of-the-art information and communication in SMEs business decision making.
  • We apply quantitative and qualitative research and development methodologies to the business needs such as SMEs enterprises.
  • We measure, evaluate, and improve the organizational performance.
  • We promote the development and application of statistical principles and methods to scientific research for the interested parties..
  • We conduct practical research on reliable case studies using advanced econometric and statistical models

Potential Programs

  • SMEs Management Training
  • SMEs Innovation and Skills Development
  • Employment and Job Creation
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Youth Development Training (YDT) for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities and Challenges Faced by SMEs
  • Growth Potential (e.g. productivity enhancing skills)
  • Green Economy (e.g. entrepreneurial skills)
  • Entrepreneurship for Job Creation and Growth
  • SMEs Participation in Global Value Chain
  • Matchmaking/Branding/Franchising/Export Potential*

Research Advocacy

  • Outreach: availing experts and researches as well as advising organizations to seize the opportunities.
  • Cooperating and collaborating with international bodies.
  • Electronic policy papers and research journal, white papers
  • Organizing SMEs research related conferences.

Capacity Building Programs

Assess the research education needs of SMEs and interested researchers, develop and deliver specific education and training programs that will support a wide range of researchers and enable BRC to meet its goal to be recognized internationally as an International Institute for SMEs related research training for each stage of research process.