Bahrain Research Consortium (BRC) -


The Bahrain Research Consortium (BRC) is an independent non-profit institution that has agreed to work together globally to support SMEs advancing and sustaining their growth; and achieve common objectives.

We operate in accordance with the terms and conditions of its Instrument and Articles of Incorporation, as approved by the MENA Centre for Investment.

We provide practical guidance that will help SMEs better understand their own business and industry, enabling them to better evaluate the business potentials and their associated risks and advance their products and services utilizing sound evidence.

We advance the fundamental knowledge of issues central to SMEs growth, efficiency and sustainability.

We identify and/or integrate state-of-the-art information and communication in SMEs business decision making.

We apply quantitative and qualitative research and development methodologies to the business needs of the SMEs; and measure, evaluate, and improve organizations performance.

We conduct practical research on reliable case studies using advanced econometric and statistical models for interested parties

We promote the development and application of statistical principles and methods to scientific research for the interested parties.

We bring together, a partner both local and international bodies and representatives of stakeholder groups that seek to facilitate SMEs in developing research consortium.

We develop and/or deliver specific education and training programs that will support a wide range of researchers and enable BRC to meet its goal to be recognized internationally as an International Research Institute for SMEs.

Approved by members of BRC _________ 2017.